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Sell Or Rent Your Bangkok Property

How can I find a tenant or buyer for my Bangkok Property?

Gone are the days of prospective buyers and renters walking into traditional real estate agencies to start their Bangkok property search. An incredible 97% of searches for condos, apartments and houses in Bangkok now start online, so it’s absolutely essential that your properties get listed on a site like Bangkok Condo Rentals.

With the property market evolving from promotions in newspapers and posters in shop windows, more and more landlords are choosing to rent and sell their properties using online real estate agents. This allows them to reach their target market and maximize exposure with no upfront costs.

Our Tenants & Property Investors

We understand that minimizing the vacancy period of the property and achieving the maximum rent is important, but we also know that landlords want good reliable tenants. Because we focus on premium properties we attract high budget clients. We gather as much information as possible from all our our new clients to make sure we find a property that suits them, but also to make sure that the clients suits you. 

We have a large online presence we are easily found on google, we have an ever increasing popular following on social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.  We also have connections with other listing platforms such as DD property & Hipflat

Due to our relationships with multiple Embassies, The United Nations & large international NGOs The majority of our clients are from Europe, Japan, America and Australia. 

How we can help?

As a Landlord, it is important to work with a trustworthy and reliable agency. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, Bangkok Condo Rentals have a proven track record of helping landlords rent and sell property. We pride ourselves on our service level and success rate helping our clients buy, sell, and rent their homes in Bangkok.  We also provide advice on property valuation, rental contracts, purchase agreements and property management & renovation services. 

Thanks to our client customer service and ability to match the right property with the right client we have a high lease agreement renewal rate with many tenants extending their stay two or three years in the same property.

We pride ourselves on our service level and success rate helping our clients buy rent and sell their homes. For this reason many landlords are very happy to continue to use our services year on year and enjoy the benefits of being us being their exclusive agency.


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