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English speaking condo specialists in Bangkok

Bangkok Condo Rentals is a British / Thai owned company helping expats and Thai nationals find their perfect home in central Bangkok. 

We pride ourselves on providing a personalised service to our clients, taking time to listen to what’s important to each individual and using our extensive database of properties to find you the right condo for rent in Bangkok.

Keep reading for more information about what to expect when renting a property in Bangkok including information about popular locations, the choices available, and the process of finding a place and signing a lease.

Renting a condo in Bangkok Post COVID-19 

The current situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has affected global and local markets in ways never previously imagined, and continues to change on an almost daily basis. 

Of course this applies to the Bangkok condominium market too.

Many people’s lives have been changed significantly overnight and we have had many new inquiries from clients looking to downsize and save costs or to find a bargain now that property prices are generally lower.

Interestingly while there are many owners more open to negotiations in order to get a tenant quickly, prices for high-end developments remain relatively stable as landlords do not want to devalue their condos by slashing prices. 

Like tenants, every landlord is different and has different expectations so it’s best to hope and try for a reasonable discount but to be aware that it is not a certainty.

It’s Corona Promotion Time!

Where we have seen the biggest overall drop in rental prices is for mid-range 1 and 2 bedroom condos in popular expat areas such as Thonglor, Ekkamai, and Sathorn. 

For example it is not uncommon to see a 1 bedroom unit previously listed for 40k now reduced to 30k negotiable, or a 2 bedroom condo previously listed for 60k now advertised at 50k or lower.

5 steps of finding the best condo suited for you

With such a vast choice of condos and apartments in central Bangkok to choose, from penthouses in Bangkok, new condos, serviced apartments etc, it can be an overwhelming and time consuming experience trying to find the right one.

Below is a guide to make the process as efficient and effective as possible, from starting the initial search to the last stage of signing the contract and moving in.

1 - Filtering & finding an apartment for rent in Bangkok

When you are first starting to look at rentals it’s essential to work out what is really important to you. Everyone has different ideas about what their perfect room would be, and not every place is going to live up to those ideas. 

Many of our clients prioritise the location of the condo over other factors. Whether it saves them time on their daily commute or means that they can easily access a park to exercise in, location tends to be the most important when filtering options. Think carefully about where you would like to live and focus on those areas first.

Size and price are usually the second things that people look for. These factors can vary hugely and are largely dependent on the age and quality of the building. 

For example it is possible to find a 200sqm, 3 bedroom condo for 50k THB in an older style building not close to a BTS station. Or for the same 50k, you could move into a brand new luxury condo with excellent facilities, stunning view of Lumpini Park and minutes from a BTS station, but would only get a 50sqm 1 bedroom unit. If you want a high-end building with plenty of space, the cost will increase. 

There are any number of other variables that clients tell us are important. Some people really want a spectacular city view, others are scared of heights and need a low floor. Sometimes people focus on a healthy lifestyle and want a large pool and well equipped gym, or a sauna and steam room, or a rooftop garden to do yoga. Many people have pets and need a pet-friendly condo or apartment. Usually we can cater to all of these needs, so just make sure to mention them when talking to our staff.

2 - Getting to know each other

We can usually find the best condo or apartment in Bangkok for our clients, but we need to know what we are looking for. As mentioned previously, everyone has different needs and expectations so don’t be afraid to tell us what they are. We find it most helpful to discuss these details via a quick phone call, so let us know when is a convenient time and we’ll call you.

One of the most important factors (for most people at least) is the rental price for a condo.

We can help tenants with budgets from 20k upwards and give the same care and attention to every client. However there are of course going to be differences in the properties we have for 20k compared to luxury penthouses for 200k, and we try to keep expectations realistic when guiding new renters. 

3 - The viewing

Once we have discussed your requirements and personal preferences, our agents use our extensive database of flats for rent in Bangkok to make a shortlist of properties which you might like. 

If you are familiar with Bangkok and have viewed properties before, you may know the buildings already and can tell us beforehand if you are not interested. After this process of narrowing down options we will arrange a date and time to show you the options.

We understand that renting a condo in Bangkok long term is not usually a decision to be rushed so take your time when viewing a room. If you have questions, ask. Although it’s impossible for our agents to know every detail of every unit (we have more than 10,000 on our database), they can ask the landlord anything they don’t know on your behalf. 

All of our staff speak a high standard of English and are used to dealing with international clients.

Don’t be afraid to tell our agents what you do and don’t like about a property. If you don’t like the location of a building then there isn’t much we can do about it apart from revise the search and find better options. However if you don’t like the sofa or the price is a little too high, let us know and we can ask the landlord if they can accommodate the changes you’d like.

4 - Signing the contract of your new home

Once you have seen the options available and reached a decision, our agents will put your offer forward to the landlord. This is the time to specify any special requests. 

It is standard that the condo or apartment be deep cleaned before you move in and the aircons serviced if necessary. Other requests should be made and agreed on before paying the deposit.

To secure the property, you need to pay a 1 month holding deposit. This will show the landlord you are committed to taking the room and will also act as your first month’s rent. Before you move into the property you will also need to pay a 2 month security deposit, sign the lease agreement, and exchange keys. This will be organised and facilitated by Bangkok Condo Rentals, with a copy of the lease sent to you for approval before meeting with the landlord to sign.

5 - What happens when I have moved in?

Once all of the above is complete, you can look forward to living happily in your chosen condo or apartment. Usually lease terms are a minimum of 12 months, so you will have plenty of time to make the place your own and explore the surrounding neighbourhood. 

It is normal during a 1 year period that there maybe minor issues in the condo, and as an expat it can be unclear how to deal with them. Our team are here to help provide any information you need during your tenancy, so keep our details and contact us when necessary. As a general rule, small issues such as faulty lightbulbs etc which can be easily fixed by the tenant are your responsibility. Larger issues like faulty washing machine or aircon are taken care of by the landlord. If you are unsure then check the details in the lease agreement or call us for advice. We will assist wherever possible.

While our agency are happy to act as point of contact between tenant and landlord, often condos and apartments will have a building maintenance team on site and problems can be reported to them with quick and efficient response. Any costs incurred are then charged back to the landlord.

Rental pricing trends in Bkk

You may question why certain condos or rooms cost more or less to rent than others. There is no short answer to this, but the main factors involved are

    • Location - Some areas (Thonglor, Chidlom, Sathorn) are more desirable and therefore cost more. But location can also mean if the condo is close to a BTS or MRT station, shopping mall, park etc.
    • Age of the building - Newer buildings tend to cost more. 
    • Quality of the building - Some developments are aimed for those with lower budgets, some are designed with higher budgets in mind. For example the Sukhothai Residences is now 10 years old but is still more expensive than most of the newest buildings in Bangkok. This is because it is a luxurious development with outstanding management, facilities, and rooms.
  • Each unit is different - Some buildings only have 3 bedroom units. Some have duplex rooms. But even then, two units on the same floor of the same building, the same size, with the same view can be different prices. This is because the price is set by the landlord, who may have spent a lot on the furniture or appliances.

Difference of renting an apartment vs. condo

In Thailand, condos and apartments are not the same thing. In a condo building, each individual unit is privately owned. In an apartment building, all of the units and the building are owned by one owner, either an individual or a company. This doesn’t make much difference to the tenant, but there are some things worth pointing out. 

In a condo, utilities like water and electricity are charged at government rate (3.9 THB per unit for electricity, 7 THB per unit for water) which is the lowest rate possible. In an apartment, utilities are charged at a higher rate. This could be just a small increase or double the price, depending on the apartment. Definitely worth checking before you make a decision.

The pay off for this is that you often get significantly more space for the rental price. Other advantages are that apartments are more likely to be pet friendly, offer more services (laundry, cleaning etc) and be more flexible when requesting to add or remove furniture.

The best areas to live in Bangkok

This is a tough topic to sum up, as everyone is different and has different tastes and preferences. Bangkok is full of fantastic food, bars, shops and there really aren’t many places which don’t have all of these covered. The best area for you depends completely on you.

Do you prefer to be closer to a BTS station with a busy atmosphere? Or a quieter neighbourhood a little further from public transport? Do you want to be in an area with a lot of international schools? Or somewhere to the North or East of the city with easy access to an airport? Do you want a river view? A lot of nightlife? To avoid traffic jams? Do you want a house with a garden or central serviced apartment?

All of these factors will determine the best area to rent a condo in Bangkok, but here are a few of our recommendations to get started.


Sukhumvit is always a popular area amongst expats, thanks to the BTS skytrain running straight through it and making it quick and easy to get around, and the abundance of international restaurants, shops, schools, sports centres, hotels, and really anything you can think of. 

Sukhumvit road itself is continuously busy with traffic and not the most efficient way to travel through the city. However it does mean that there is always a taxi just around the corner and short trips are easy and inexpensive. If you’re venturing more than a few stops in either direction, use the BTS unless you have time to spare.

However if you venture just a little further North or South of Sukhumvit Road down one of the many soi’s and the atmosphere completely changes. Quiet leafy streets are home to artisan bakeries, hi-so cocktail bars, pet playgrounds, and everything else you would need.

As ‘Sukhumvit’ covers such a large area, we have broken down the most popular areas by BTS station.


Ekkamai is and has always been a desirable neighbourhood to live in, thanks to an abundance of bars and restaurants, international schools, and easy access to the highway. The backstreets are quiet and full of large, western style houses while the main street has all of the entertainment and shopping you could need.

A few buildings worth checking out are…


Thonglor still rightly holds the title of most trendy area to live in Bangkok. Home to some of the coolest bars and clubs (and the people that frequent them), there really is a magnificent selection of restaurants and shops too. 

Although the area is synonymous with nights out, Thonglor has more to offer for a resident. The quiet backstreets are full of bakeries, coffee shops, co-working spaces and even The Commons community mall, one of the only pet-friendly malls in Bangkok.

Popular buildings include…

  • Eight Thonglor(great all rounder, with excellent location, contemporary spacious rooms, and good facilities)
  • Quattro Thonglor (high end, modern, luxurious)
  • The Monument(striking design, expensive and high-end units)
  • Urbitia (brand new low-rise on quiet soi)
  • Siri at Sukhuvmit (large building with lots of great 1 and 2 bedrooms at affordable prices)


Nana used to be known for its nightlife, particularly the seedier variety. While this is still partly true, the area is rapidly being redeveloped and there are many other reasons to live in Nana. 

There are 5 star hotels, fine dining restaurants, and luxury condominiums popping up all around Nana making it a convenient and still very interesting area to live in but still cheaper than it’s hi-so neighbours.

If you Nana is appealing for you then check out these buildings…

    • The Hyde 11 and 13 (both new developments on Sukhumvit 11 and 13. Modern and stylish with prime locations.
  • Prime 11(big rooms at affordable prices with easy access to nightlife and BTS)
  • Trendy Condominium (cheaper units available, located in huge office/mall building. You never need to leave!)

On Nut

Onnut has become a hub for young expats thanks to a large supply of modern and affordable condo buildings in close proximity to the BTS station, as well as many cheaper options for dining and drinking. 

Although many wouldn’t consider it ‘central Sukhumvit’, Onnut is just a few stops from Ekkamai and Thonglor and has all the coffee shops, gyms, co-working spaces a young professional could ask for.

A few condos worth investigating are...

Phrom Pong

Phrom Phong remains a popular choice for expats (particularly Japanese) and Thais alike. It offers some of the best restaurants, close proximity to Benchasiri Park, and the huge EmQuartier shopping and entertainment complex. 

Head down Soi’s 31, 39, and 26 to find excellent places to eat, drink and relax but note that traffic can be a real problem thanks to one way systems and commuting routes.

Phrom Phong is densely populated with places to live. Here are a few worth noting…


Asok is the most convenient location in terms of public transport, with both the MRT and BTS lines intersecting and allowing quick and easy trips all over the city. A very busy environment and often terrible traffic is a drawback for some, but for those undeterred there are countless restaurants and bars to visit and Terminal 21 shopping Centre has all the shopping you need.

There are a lot of fully furnished condos and apartments for rent both old and new with price options to suit everyone. Popular buildings include…

Phra Khanong

Prakanong has come a long way in the past few years. Previously it might have been seen as the ‘outskirts’ of town, but thanks to the development spreading further East on the BTS line and the now famous W District, it is a great neighbourhood in it’s own right. 

Just one stop from Ekkamai, Prakanong still remains significantly cheaper than it’s hi-so neighbour.

Condos worth checking out are…

  • Le Luk (stone’s throw from W-District and BTS station)
  • Rhythm 44 (good quality building, excellent facilities)
  • Life 65 and 67 (basic but affordable rooms with rooftop pool)
  • The Room 69 (excellent location and building)


Sathorn and Silom are also popular choices amongst expats as they are central business districts with many large companies having offices in the area. You’re also closer to the river here and have a different selection of nightlife to choose from. Silom is a favourite for the gay community and the sub-districts of Sathorn (Yennakart, Suanplu, Nanglinchee) are popular with Europeans, particularly French expats.

The Silom BTS line runs from Siam down through Silom and over the river into Krungthonburi, and makes getting around easy. Rama 4 road will take you from Silom to Ekkamai but, like most areas, can be slow going in rush hours.

With many excellent choices of condos, here are some of our favourites…

  • The Met (huge building on Sathorn Road with excellent rooms and facilities. Always popular)
  • The Infinity (as close as you can get to Chongnonsi BTS, large 2 and 3 bedroom units)
  • The River (very high quality building with incredible river views. Not convenient for everyone but if you work in the area then definitely worth a visit)
  • Empire Place (popular building with many expats. Lots of large and affordable 1 and 2 bedrooms and excellent facilities including tennis court)

Different types of condos available in Bangkok

Once you’ve narrowed down your search by location, you’ll need to think about what kind of room you’d like to live in. Luckily there is a large choice of condos to rent in Bangkok and we can help you with searching for somewhere which fits your budget and size requirements.

Most condos and apartments have a swimming pool and basic gym. Some also have saunas or steam rooms, tennis or squash courts, and one even has a bowling alley. 

24 hour security is standard and usually a keycard or fingerprint scan is needed to get into a building. It’s worth being nice to your security guard and juristic (management) office as they can help with package deliveries and any problems you might have. 


A studio room is one room combining living and sleeping space plus a separate bathroom, typically between 25-40sqm. These are the cheapest rooms to rent in Bangkok and are readily available. 

Studio style condos are ideal for single people who don’t spend much time at home and have other things to spend their money on than expensive rental fees. Many are modern and well designed and of course you still get to use all of the facilities of the condo or apartment. 

Usually there is a small kitchenette area with basic cooking facilities like a small hob or microwave oven, a fridge for storage, and sink for washing up. Studios sometimes also come with a washing machine. There maybe also be a small balcony suitable for having plants or drying clothes on.

1-5 bedrooms

If you need little (or a lot) more space then most condos offer 1, 2, and 3 bed options. 4 bedroom condo units are harder to come by and often the building will have none at all or just a handful of units on the higher floors. Usually there will be at least as many bathrooms as bedrooms, sometimes more. This may look odd on paper but it just means that each bedroom has an ensuite plus another one for the living area.

In most two bedroom condos, one of the bedrooms is significantly smaller than the other. The second room is designed as a guest room or kids rooms and works fine, but can make it difficult for flatmates to find a condo to share. 

For parking, there is usually at least 1 fixed parking space for each unit, with larger 3 or 4 bed units offering more spaces.

Luxury condos: Duplex & Penthouse

The term ‘luxury’ is thrown around too often and won’t necessarily live up to everyone’s idea of a real luxury condominium in Bangkok. 

However there are certain condo buildings which are a cut above the mainstream. Think 98 Wireless which offers the use of a Bently to all of its residents and has units for sale up to 650mb. Or 185 Rajadamri with it’s spectacular views of Lumpini Park, and equally spectacular prices. 

Often more ‘standard’ buildings will also have a handful of penthouse units, sometimes duplexes, on the higher floors. To the average resident they wouldn’t know they exist, but the whole of the top two floors of a condo building could just be one unit. If this is what you are looking for then its best to contact us, as these units are not always advertised online.

Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments in Bangkok are half way between a residence and hotel. They offer long and short term contracts, can be cheap or luxury, and are convenient for short stayers. 

Services offered are things like daily laundry and cleaning, TV and internet, meals provided etc. However these services come at a premium and if you are staying for any length of time then we would recommend a condo or standard apartment, as your rental budget will go a lot further.


Question: What is the avg. price for 1 bedroom in Bkk?

Answer: Anywhere from 20k - 50k. It really depends on what you want.

Question: Which is the best area to live in Bangkok?

Answer: There is no one best area, it depends what you are looking for. Tell us what you’d like and we’ll recommend you a neighbourhood.

Question: What is the minimum rental period?

Answer: Usually 1 year, but some landlords are open to 6 months.

Question: What furnishes can I expect of a condo in Bangkok?

Answer: Most condos are fully furnished. If you have your own furniture we can request original things be moved out or find you an empty condo.

Question: How much is the security deposit for renting a condo?

Answer: Usually 2 months, with 1 month rent up front.

Question: Does an apartment come equipped with Wifi & cable TV?

Answer: Usually no. We can help you set up a TV and wifi package.

Question: Do I deal with my agent or landlord if I have problems during my stay?

Answer: It depends on the landlord. We are happy to act as point of contact during your tenancy, but sometimes it is easier/quicker to deal directly with the landlord.

Question: What personal documents do I need to provide to start the rental?

Answer: Just ID (usually passport or Thai ID card) unless additional are requested by the landlord.