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Why Rent a Condo in Phrom Phong?

Phrom Pong is located on the Sukhumvit BTS line and Sukhumvit Road cuts through it's centre, dividing the neighbourhood into the even numbered (south) and odd numbered (north) sois. Between the transport hub of Asoke and the trendy upmarket Thong Lor, the area is very popular amongst expats, particularly Japanese. 

Apart from the location, one reason why Phrom Phong is such a popular area to rent in is it's diversity. It's hard to think of any other area with as much choice in terms of restaurants, bars, shops, and activities. You really never need to leave! There are Michelin star restaurants next to hectic street food stalls, enormous shopping malls a stones throw from quiet parks and greenery, and English pubs on the same streets as Japanese karaoke bars. With all of this and a huge choice of condos and apartments for rent, Phrom Phong is a fantastic choice for almost anyone.

One downside of the area can be the traffic. Bangkok is known for it's traffic jams, but Phrom Pong can be particularly slow moving thanks in part to it's central location but even more so due to a series of one-way streets especially around soi's 31 - 39. If you drive to work or drop kids of at school, this is definitely something to investigate before moving.

Things to do in Phrom Phong

As previously mentioned, Phrom Pong is packed with things to do. We've tried to narrow down of some of the best ways to spend time in this amazing area.

One of the first things you'll see when travelling to Phrom Phong BTS is the relatively new Emquartier shopping mall. The BTS station was modified with a large skywalk which connects directly to the mall (as well as the smaller Emporium mall on the other side) for anyone coming by train. Completed in 2015, Emquartier is the largest shopping center in Bangkok. Apart from around 1000 shops, there are also 6 floors of restaurants, an 8 screen cinema, and a 30ft open air garden area. You really can get lost in there!

If shopping isn't your thing, the Benjasiri (or 'Benchasiri') Park is just next to Emporium mall and again easily accessible from the skytrain. The park is around 11 acres with a large lake in the middle and a walking/running track around the edge. You'll also find a swimming pool, basketball and sepak takraw (kick volleyball) courts, aerobic classes, a skate area, outside gym, and various sculptures around the park. A nice respite from the hectic city life.

For the more adventurous, Flow House is home to Bangkok's only artificial wave machine. Located in A-Square on Sukhumvit 26, Flow House lets you rent a surfboard and practice your skills with the added bonus of beach tunes, food and drink, and general beach vibes. Definitely worth a visit.

There are thousands of British expats in Bangkok and Phrom Phong caters to them with.. you've guessed it.. pubs! Sukhumvit 33/1 has three excellent British style pubs all within a minutes walk from each other - The Robin Hood, O'Shea's, and The Royal Oak. All of these serve 'proper' British beer and classic pub grub at reasonable prices with various happy hour promotions. 

Where to Rent in Phrom Phong?

For all of the reasons above plus many many more, Phrom Pong is a very popular place to rent a condo or apartment. There are lots of options available so here are a few we'd consider if moving to the neighbourhood.


  • Condo One X - Down the leafy soi 26, this building has plenty of 50sqm+ 1 bedrooms ranging from 20-30k per month. Super convenient location, nice pool, well maintained.
  • Waterford Diamond Tower - a huge building right on Sukhumvit Road, it's a little old now but very big rooms and very low prices mean it's always popular. Also has fantastic gym and pool.
  • Park 24 - a new development, the Park 24 offers luxurious living for a low price, as long as you don't mind smaller rooms.


  • Emporio Place - Just down the road of Emporium mall on Soi 24, Emporio has a high class feel for mid-range prices. Great facilities and high quality design make it very expat friendly. For spectacular views check out the high floor duplexes.
  • Noble Refine - Very close to the BTS with contemporary style rooms and the great pool and facilities you'd expect from the Noble developer. Popular amongst Japanese tenants.
  • The Aguston - Popular for many reasons, the main one being that this is a pet friendly condo, which as any pet owners in Bangkok know is hard to find. It's also uniquely designed with a Spanish feel and the only condo building we know of with it's own bowling alley!


  • Royce Private Residences - A very luxury building on Soi 31. Think marble surfaces, large balconies, smoking lounge, and palm trees. In addition the living spaces are excellent and swimming pool huge.
  • Le Raffine 31 and 39 - Very high end buildings, both of which have private swimming pools on each unit's balconies. That's hard to beat.
  • The Madison - Whilst not as flashy as some other buildings, The Madison has an understated sense of quality. Rooms are big and functional and it's home to many international families. Also very close to the BTS station and international supermarkets.

Houses for Rent in Phromphong

Given how built up the area is, there are a surprising number of large single houses available for rent in Phrom Phong. Most of these are tucked away around Soi 31 - 39, in private Moo Baans with security and either shared or private pools. Of course the luxury of your own big house in such a popular area doesn't come cheap, but again you might be surprised what's possible. Check out these houses for rent in Phrom Phong and give us a call if you'd like us to do a personalised search for you.