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Why Rent or Buy in Thonglor?

Thonglor, located in the heart of Bangkok, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan neighborhood that offers a unique living experience. Known for its trendy restaurants, cafes, and nightlife, Thonglor has become a popular choice for both locals and expatriates looking to rent a condominium. With its convenient location and plethora of amenities, Thonglor offers residents a comfortable and luxurious Bangkok lifestyle. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the appeal of living in Thonglor, factors to consider when looking for a condo for rent, top condominiums for rent in Thonglor, amenities and facilities in Thonglor condominiums, pricing and rental options, how to find the best condo for rent, tips for negotiating rental terms, and the process of renting a condo in Thonglor.


Bangkok Condo Rentals have many condos and apartments for rent in Thonglor ranging from 20k per month upwards, so please browse through our listings or give us a call to discuss if you think this neighbourhood would be a good fit for you.


What is Thonglor Like as a Neighbourhood?

Thonglor is a neighborhood that seamlessly combines the best of both worlds. It offers a lively and bustling atmosphere, with a wide range of entertainment options, as well as a peaceful and tranquil environment. The area is known for its tree-lined streets, beautiful parks, and serene residential areas, providing a perfect balance between work and play. Thonglor is also conveniently located near major business districts, making it an ideal choice for professionals who want to be close to their workplaces. Furthermore, the neighborhood is well-connected with excellent transportation options, including the BTS skytrain, making it easy to navigate and explore other parts of the city.


Thonglor is on the Sukhumvit BTS line, 3 stops east of Asok, between Phromphong and Ekkamai. Sukhumvit Soi 55 (or ‘Soi Thonglor) runs from Sukhumvit Road to Petchaburi Road and gives easy access to the BTS station and also the Airport Link as well as the Rama 9 and Rama 4 highways.


Thonglor is generally thought of as a ‘hi-so’ area which means it’s popular amongst the wealthier inhabitants of Bangkok. This is particularly noticeable in the evenings when it’s not uncommon to see Ferraris and Lamborghinis parked outside trendy wine bars and lively clubs.


However it’s not only the super rich who live in Thonglor, and it has long been a favourite for young, working expats and Thais who enjoy the convenience and lifestyle of the area. There are many co-working spaces and office buildings close to the BTS and you’re never far from a great coffee shop or some delicious street food. 


The Commons is a popular community mall with pop-up stalls selling art, home-made clothes and jewelry, with a great selection of food and drink downstairs. It’s also one of the only pet-friendly malls in Bangkok so expect to see a few furry friends hanging out too.


Factors to Consider When Looking for a Condo for rent in Thonglor 

When searching for a condo for rent in Thonglor, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and preferences. Firstly, it is important to determine your budget and set a realistic rental range. Thonglor offers a wide range of condominium options, with varying prices depending on factors such as location, size, and amenities. Secondly, consider the size and layout of the condo. Are you looking for a studio apartment or a larger unit with multiple bedrooms? It is essential to choose a condo that suits your living requirements. Additionally, take into account the facilities and amenities offered by the condominium. Thonglor condominiums often provide residents with access to swimming pools, fitness centers, and 24-hour security, among other amenities. Finally, consider the location of the condominium in relation to your workplace, schools, and other amenities such as supermarkets and restaurants.


History of Thonglor


Thonglor or ‘Thong Lo’ is named after a naval officer and member of the Khana Ratsadon (People's Party), Thonglo Khamhiran. He along with many other navy families owned land and houses in the area before World War 2. The rough translation of Thonglor is ‘Molten Gold’, and Soi 55 is often referred to as the Golden Mile.


The area really became a popular place to live around the year 2000 and thanks to the entrepreneurs opening shops, restaurants and bars, many condos and apartments have been built and the development snowballed. There are now thousands of rooms for rent in Thonglor to suit every budget.


Condominiums and Costs


With such a large choice of condos and apartments for rent in Thonglor, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a huge penthouse to live the high life, a comfortable 2 bedroom for you and your partner, or a simple studio to call a base while you’re out enjoying the city, we have an option for most budgets. 


Here are just a few of our recommendations to suit different budgets.




  • The Ivy - Located right on Soi 55, The Ivy is a large building popular amongst expats. It’s about as central as you can get. While not that close to the BTS station, it’s just a short walk from J-Avenue, Seenspace, and The Commons. Prices start from around 25-30k for 1 beds or studios.
  • Rhythm 36 - 38 - A modern building just a few minutes walk from the BTS located on the quieter side of Sukhumvit Road. Great facilities but slightly smaller rooms, the studios start from as low as 20k per month, with larger 1 beds around 30-50k.
  • Waterford Park - An older development with larger rooms, Waterford Park is a pet-friendly building. 1 bedrooms start from just 20k for 70sqm and 2 beds from 25-50k depending on the size and quality of the room.
  • Siri at Sukhumvit - A great all round building with good size rooms, modern, and very close to BTS. 50+ sqm 1 beds are between 22-40k and 2 beds are 40-65k.



  • Eight Thonglor - A walkable distance from the BTS, this building provides high quality contemporary rooms and excellent facilities. 1 beds vary from 45-69sqm and are priced from 40-65k. 2 beds are between 69-120sqm and from 55-75k.
  • HQ by Sansiri - Very close to Eight Thonglor, the HQ is a newer building and rooms are more modern at very similar prices but slightly smaller.
  • Noble Remix - Connects directly to BTS Thonglor, so no more getting wet in rainy season. This is a large building with many types of rooms ranging from studios and 1 beds from 25k+ to 3 beds from 70-90k.

High End


Quattro - Close to the BTS the Quattro has large AND modern rooms. The prices reflect this with 1 beds starting from 45k and 2 beds from 65k+. Situated in a quiet and peaceful area of Thonglor, Quattro Residence provides residents with a serene living environment. The condominium offers beautifully designed units with high ceilings, large windows, and stunning views of the city. The Quattro also boasts a lush garden, a library, and a sauna, providing residents with a truly luxurious lifestyle.


The Bangkok Thonglor - Very nice building close to the BTS station. 1 beds from 60k+ and 2 beds from 90k to 120k.


The Monument Thonglor - A Standing tall in Thonglor, The Monument Thonglor is the first pet friendly super luxurious condominium, known for its sleek and modern design. The condominium offers a range of unit sizes, from large one bedroom to spacious penthouses. The Monument Thonglor also features a sky lounge, a private cinema, and a concierge service, ensuring that residents have access to the best amenities and services.

Pet-Friendly Condos and Apartments


Thonglor is actually a great area if you have a dog. The Dog Park 49 offers a play area, pool, and cafe and is a great way to spend the day and meet fellow pet owners in Thonglor. The Commons community mall is also pet friendly and you’ll often find diners and shoppers with their dogs (or even cats) in tow.


Finding a pet friendly condo for rent in Thonglor is not easy, but also not impossible. Most landlords are more lenient towards dogs than cats but there are a few apartments accepting dogs and cats in the area.


  • M Thonglor is a modern building on Soi 10, with rooms from 20-45k depending on the size. The building is totally pet friendly so as long as the landlord is ok with it, your dog can roam around the common areas with you.
  • Ashton Morph 38 is another modern building very close to the BTS on the quiet side of Sukhumvit Road, and also allows cats and dogs.
  • The Habitat on Soi 53 is an older building but with much larger rooms, so if you have a larger dog this might be a good choice.

Houses to Rent in Thonglor


Although Thonglor is now densely populated with condos and apartments, there are still plenty of single houses and townhouses available for rent. 


Bearing in mind that Thonglor is now arguably the most popular location in Bangkok, rental prices for houses are often high. It’s also worth noting that development tends to emanate from the BTS station outwards so houses are usually further away and down small sub-sois. 


If you really have your heart set on a house then there are some amazing options hidden away, often with gardens, private or shared pools, and usually with 24 hour security. As these are harder to find it’s best to call us and have a chat so we know exactly what you’re looking for.


The Most Popular Soi's in Thonglor

When people ask us ‘what are the best condos in Thonglor?’ it’s a really tough question to answer, as everyone has different needs, budgets, and tastes. However there are a few sois which stand out. Here are our picks and some background info.


Thonglor Soi 13


Soi 13 connects Thonglor to Phromphong and is an easy route to Samitivej Hospital. As well as A LOT of Japanese restaurants, the popular Seenspace mall is also on this soi which has a large open area for eating and drinking from the various outlets within. 


For condos close by check out…


Sukhumvit 51

Walking up this soi from Sukhumvit Road you’ll find 3 very cool bars within 5 minutes. WTF Gallery and Cafe is a cocktail bar which regularly puts on art exhibitions. Studio Lam is a bar/club hosting live music events. Aqua 51 is a small Japanese style bar lit with neon and with retro games machines. 


For nearby condos and apartments for rent have a look at…


Thonglor Soi 10

Soi 10 runs from Thonglor to Ekkamai, so a great location to live if you enjoy travelling between the neighbourhoods. At the Ekkamai end you have the Donki Mall with 5 floors of Japanese shops and restaurants and at the Thonglor end you have Wine Republic, Violett, and more nightlife venues in a 500m radius than we can count. 


If this sounds good to you then look into…

Schools Near Thonglor BTS

One other reason for Thonglor’s popularity is the abundance of schools in the area. There are international schools catering to many curriculums and all within a short distance of Sukhumvit Soi 55. Here are just a few…


  • ELC International School - Soi 13
  • Wells International School, Thonglor - Sukhumvit Soi 51
  • The American School of Bangkok - Sukhumvit 49/3
  • SP International Kindergarten - Soi 17
  • Ekamai International School - Sukhumvit 63

Condos Close to BTS Thonglor

For many people convenience is king, and proximity to the BTS is the first priority. This is certainly the case in Thonglor so please see a list of condos and their relative distance to the BTS station by walking.


Siri at Sukhumvit - just 10m from the BTS walk way